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The Essential Laundry Kit.

Make sure that when you are needing to get through your washing in record time, a good tip is to make sure you have everything you are going to need! This means that no matter how full the basket you will sail through. Having it prepared in the first place will make it easier and save time in the long run.

Cleaning Products

Keeping those windows clean!

It is that time of year where the windows can become covered in condensation and they will become quite foggy.  Here are a few tips on how to keep them shining like a star!  

Get the right time of day! 

Some may think that washing your windows on a bright sunny day is the best time to do it, however in reality it is best to aim for a cloudy day, otherwise the sun is likely to dry the glass too quickly, resulting in the dreaded streak.

Try traditional methods rather than chemicals.

Some people prefer to make their own cleaning solutions, for example, Add two tablespoons of vinegar to a small bucket of warm water (This won't kill bacteria, though.). If you windows need that extra bit of elbow grease the try adding two tablespoons of household ammonia, WEAR RUBBER GLOVES. Buffing your windows afterwards with crumpled newspaper can give your windows a sparkling finish.

Sitting on Balcony

Defeat the bad smelling washing machine

Have you ever opened the door to your beautifully clean laundry to be suddenly greeted to a musty smell? 

This could be because of the damp conditions of a freshly-run machine are perfect for moulds to grow. 

Leaving the door open slightly once you have done your wash will help air to get in and circulate around the drum, which helps stop those horrible germs breeding and can reduce the musty scent.  Make sure the drain outside is also clear of debris and regularly cleaned as odours can feed up into machine.

Always clean the door around the seal.


Stain Removal Tips! 

Battling with a stain that just won't quit? Don't panic here are a few tips and tricks on how to get rid of some of those horrible stains without using heavy chemicals that will ruin the clothing.

Stain: Ballpoint Ink

How to remove: Methylated Spirits (Dab gently with a white cloth)

Stain: Blood
How to remove: Salt or Biological Detergent (Pre-soak fresh stains in heavily salted cold water or detergent

Stain: Chewing Gum

How to remove: Ice Cubes (Freeze the gum with a bag of ice cubes. Once it becomes hard and brittle, break away the gum with a knife)

Stain: Tea or Coffee

How to remove: Detergent, vinegar and Borax (Flush with cold water and spot clean with a solution of washing detergent but not soap. If staining remains, soak in a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water or a solution borax.)

Stain: Grass Stain

How to remove: Biological Detergent (Grass is a combination of protein and dye. Detergent should remove most of the stains. Dab any remaining dye with methylated spirits)

Stain: Perspiration

How to remove: Clear vinegar or Lemon Juice (Soak or sponge with vinegar, but use lemon juice on wool. Rinse and wash.)


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